Welcome to Key West Military Affairs Committee (MAC)

Empowering Our Armed Forces, Strengthening Our Community

At Key West MAC, we are dedicated to supporting our military and fostering a resilient community. Step into a world where commitment, honor, and community spirit converge.

Our Mission

About Us

Our commitment is unwavering in bolstering our military and nurturing a strong-knit community. Enter a realm where dedication, integrity, and communal unity intersect.


Throughout the year MAC hosts events to raise fund to help support our military. MAC also attends events to show support from the organization.


MAC members are compromised of upstanding community leaders, some who have previously served in the military, along with active-duty members.


Visit our Membership page and Bylaws and learn more about your Military Affairs Committee.


Follow the latest news regarding not only MAC but also current events and legislative proceedings that effect our active military members and vets.


You can fill out your MAC Application for memberships, including the opportunity to have a corporate membership.